Super Lemon Haze Disposable Vape Pen


Super Lemon Haze, a Cannabis Cup winner from 2009, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created by pairing Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze. This oil is a delicate amber color, very pure and with a good thickness. The lemon candy flavor is very bold and enjoyable, with a classic piney funk underneath. Flavor fans rejoice!

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65-70% average THC level and Sativa heritage deliver a high that’s very functional and engaging. This concentrate will take you to a happy, energized head space that will have you talkative and empowered. The body buzz is enough to melt away pain, but not sedating. Great vape for managing symptoms of depression, mood swings, fatigue, pain, lack of appetite, and nausea.

Dominate Terpenes: Limonene [research: Terpinolene]
Flavor: Sour lemon, citrus, sweet, pine
Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, appetite boost
Activities: Recreation, socializing, moderate work or physical activity
Medical Conditions: Depression, fatigue, pain, lack of appetite

These are self-contained, fully disposable pens that don’t require a separate battery.

Variety: Sativa-dominant hybrid
Size: 0.5 gram (500mg) / 1.0 gram (1000mg)

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0.5g (500mg), 1.0g (1000mg)


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