Diamond OG


They say a Diamond lasts forever and you will think the same in regards to the potency after you feel the effects of this beautiful strain. BEWARE of this couch-locking enabler! For those who experience stress, depression and insomnia, this strain will decrease those issues significantly. Also will help with pain and muscle spasms.

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A true indica, this strain will have you in complete relaxation! In small doses, it can have you daydreaming. If you have anything other than a stationary stance in mind for the day, you may want to take it easy. That is exactly what this strain is great for, taking it easy! An aroma of citrus & pine supported by fuel undertones.

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14 grams (1/2 ounce), 1/4 pound (qp), 1/2 Pound (hp), 28 grams (ounce), 7 grams (quarter)


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