THC: 41.16%
CBD: 42.34%
CBN: 1.21%

An interesting product that is actually 2 oils compounded to create this specific cannabinoid ratio of 1:1 CBD:THC. First, the high CBD Cherry Wu was extracted via CO2 extraction and was combined w/ a high THC Distillate (Short Path). Then terpenes derived from the Cherry Wu strain were reintroduced. This complex process yields an extract that is moderately sedative and great for musculoskeletal pain.



Cartridge Information & Compatibility;
Vape cartridges, or “carts,” are small attachments to a vaporizer battery. These are single-use and pre-filled with cannabis concentrates. Most are very high in THC, but some contain CBD or terpenes as well. This is a discreet and convenient cannabis product.

CO2 cartridges. Our unique supercritical CO2 extraction process avoids using any solvents or high heat, thus preserving the terpenes that give this strain specific small batch its unique fragrance and delicious taste. This vape oil is truly pure and raw, with the plant’s natural terpene profile preserved.

Contains 100% pure cannabis flower essence. Perfect for discreet puffs and excellent for travel. Pyrex Glass with universal, 510 threaded tip.

Cartridge Information & Compatibility: Our cartridges will fit any standard 510 or eGo threaded e-cigarette such as the, G-Pen, eGo-C, eGo-T, eGo Twist, Medistick, Trippy Stick, 710 Pen, Eureka Vape, Alpine vapor, Gentleman’s brand and others


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