KanaRelief offers a variety of CBD/THC tinctures, complete with a full range of naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis. All natural CO2 extracted cannabis oils

Tinctures are taken orally, normally sublingual, which means under the tongue so essential cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Effects are delayed through the absorption process but are prolonged. The application is very discreet, with no odor.

Cannabis dosing takes a lot of trial and error. Because individuals require doses that are unique to their body chemistry, it’s best to start with small doses and slowly increase the dose over time to find the lowest dose that works best for you.

Patients are encouraged to exercise caution and allow each dose to take full effect before an additional dose is taken. When consumed sublingually (beneath the tongue), tinctures can produce effects within 15 minutes. This method is popular with patients seeking more immediate symptom relief. The dosages are measured in milliliters.

Using a tincture is not only easy and safe for patients of all ages, but it’s especially useful when learning the correct dosage required for relief. Designed primarily for patients dealing with pain, cancer, seizures, epileptic fits, or muscle spasms, the tincture is designed to work quickly and allow for the dosage to be titrated to provide the relief necessary.

Instructions ;
Unscrew the lid and squeeze the bulb at the top to fill the dropper. Release the bulb and place the dropper under the tongue. For the best results, squeeze drops directly under tongue. Use tongue to gently spread the tincture around the inner cheeks. Take ten (10) slow and deep breaths to allow the product to absorb into the lining of the mouth. Drops can also be diluted in a small amount of water. Use only about two (2) drops, wait for desired effects and either use more or stop, whichever the recommendation indicates.

To prolong shelf life, tinctures may be refrigerated.

DO NOT KEEP THE TINCTURE IN A PURSE OR OTHER CARRIER WITHOUT USING THE PLASTIC CONTAINER PROVIDED TO YOU. The tincture container will have residual product around the rim that if heated above room temperature will flow out of the bottle.

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Showing all 4 results